Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Bunch of Apples

Summer is starting to whined down and that means Apple Pies!!! I've had to harvest some apples from my apple tree, the red apples were starting to fall off so we picked 32 apples yesterday, about half of them and today I'm turning them into apple pies. 

I was playing with the pup and thought my little corner is looking pretty so I snapped a picture to share with you. I took the metal bin out and placed my old books there with some little white pitchers. I also removed the mirror for the little painting (not a print) is a scene in Europe, not sure if its a place in France or Italy?...

There hasn't been much going on around here to type about, money is super tight due to a job change, me not working and pets with medical issues. Hopefully things change soon, or I change..... sigh

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jasper Alberta CANADA

Went on a little getaway, mother and son trip to Jasper this past weekend. It was a much needed getaway after dealing with the needy pets 24/7 and a break for my son. We went before school is out and it was a good idea. The highways were bearable, low traffic and the sites and Jasper were not over runned with tourists yet. 
One goal was to travel down to Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon. To get there you must travel down Maligne Lake Road and we were so fortunate to encounter lots of wildlife as seen below. A black bear, moose, mountain goats and a caribou. Every year I've gone through the mountains sometimes seeing nothing or only seeing a deer but this was just amazing!!!

School is out in a couple of days and I hope we can take a few day trips this summer..... any suggestions?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Howdy, everyone! Beautiful day here today. I spent a few hours cleaning the inside of my Kia Soul. Love this little car except for the interior. The interior has a lot of hard plastic that scratches super easy and now looks like crap. The other thing is the super super cheap flooring which seems like a cardboard. I've just had to put up with it. :( The exterior is still rocking, silver and 18inch bling rims. I wonder if the newer models have corrected these flaws?

Onto some décor. We have finally begun the flooring on the stairs. Yup, its taken us almost 8 months to get back to it. We got 5 steps done and 7 (I think?) left. Then some trim and paint.

This pass weekend we went to a few garage sales and a big one supporting St. Albert Boy Scouts. Found this little table there for $10 and a tin white jug. Not bad... But looks like I may have to repaint the table. Whoever painted it, didn't prime or sand it and the glossy paint finish is flaking off. Like my flowers?...their fake. :)

Like many other parents yesterday, I ran to the store and picked up the Lego Movie that came with the minifigure, Vitruvius. I wish it had his staff. We watched it last night and afterwards I so felt like building something with Lego.
So there's my happenings for today, what I did, my kooky thoughts, thrifty buys, and Lego love.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Our Cat's Health

After my last post a couple days later, our cat relapsed. Vomited 6 times from 4-5am... then every hour for the rest of the day until there was nothing left, poor guy. Consulting with the vet again, got some meds to get his GI track moving and some graval type meds to stop the puking. Frustrating, he then stopped eating for 5 days. After many types of soft can food opened, he finally liked one Babycat food and he started eating again. He is on the mend again and even has started on a tbsp of hard kitten food a day. The kitten food because it breaks easily, the other hard food seemed to harsh for his system. Its one day at a time. The crappy thing is he needs to eat more often in the day and if you leave the soft food out it dries up.

Here is a pic I took this morning giving me the tongue.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sick Kitty

It has been a difficult few weeks for our family. The worst day was on my birthday. Our 7 year old, 15.4 pound cat had exploratory surgery due to constant vomiting for 4 days straight. Xrays didn't really show anything but a funny bend in the intestines. He wasn't keeping anything down and started to collapse when he puked. In surgery they only found thick inflamed intestines and a marble size non-cancerous cyst that was 2 inches away from the stomach in his fat which was not related to his vomiting.

It took him 2 weeks to recover. Stitches came out last Thursday which gave me major hibbie jeebies when the incision split open a little... ewww.

Our cat lost 2 pounds through all of this but it has given him a little more bounce in his step. He has become twice the cuddlier now too. We never did find out why he was sick but I think it has something to do with him pigging out and gorging on food without chewing it, causing the irritation in his intestines. We are now breaking his food in half to help keep the irritation down and food down. So far so good.

He still hates the dog and now the vet.... you can see the dog looking over the couch behind him in the photo below.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New Shoes

NEW SHOES!!! I haven't been this excited about shoes in a long time. I've seen these cuties on Pinterest but not in these colors. I found them at Marshalls, a new store to Edmonton and I can't seem to find them anywhere else. Nike Free 3.0 v5, Fusion red/blk - Arctic pink-white. The upper and laces are a washed out light pink color, not white. Mainly a hot pink with a dark grey almost black Nike check and white/black soles. They slip on like socks and cute!

I think I'm so excited about them because my last pair of athletic shoes are about 6 or 7 yrs old and not so nice looking anymore. See below the difference, it was definitely time for an upgrade. :)

These Nike's are my birthday present to me, my birthday is tomorrow... eek another birthday. :P

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend started off with dinner at the in-laws and a super fun game called Heads Up (as seen on Ellen). It is an app you can download. It can get super hard to play and loud when everyone is yelling clues at you but it was fun.
We also got warm temperatures melting the snowfall we had last week. I still have a patch of ice in the backyard which is hampering efforts to rake and clean up the yard. The snow mold in the yard is causing some uncomfortable allergies for me.
We got up super early to let the Easter bunny do its magic for our 14yr old. No matter what age he is I still like to spread the holiday magic, Christmas, Easter... doesn't matter. Yes, he may be too old for it but he is still our baby, one and only. I'm gonna enjoy it as long as I can.
Here is most of his chocolate hull. See the SpongeBob bunny Easter basket? My son has had it since he was 4 or 5yrs old and has been trying to get me to chuck it. But NO WAY! it is well made, rare, handy and super cute, it has a butt flap like what you'd find on some onesy pajamas. Its better than those wicker baskets that just fall apart and don't last. I guess my son's attitude for getting rid of things is good, I guess he won't be a hoarder when he grows up.

A plush Russ Easter bunny arrived too.